A Flurry of Feelings

What was supposed to be a weekend away throws Claire’s car into a tree, on a deserted road, with no cell reception.

Claire and her GPS end up on a back road in a snow storm. When another vehicle loses control, Claire ends up hitting a tree. Now she has to rely on a gruff, handsome stranger to take care of her until the roads into town are clear again.

Jared prefers to spend his time alone. But he notices a car wrecked on the side of the road and his conscience won’t let him keep driving. He sets aside the flashbacks of his wife dying in a very similar situation and takes it upon himself to take care of the woman inside the wrecked vehicle. Only, the more time he spends with Claire the less he feels like going back to his solitary life.

Will the woman who is already spoken for be the person who opens up Jared’s heart again? Find out in a flurry of feelings the second in the Lantern Lake sweet romance series.