A Winter in Lantern lake

Winter has rolled in to Lantern Lake, it brought a massive snowstorm and love in unlikely places with it.

In Pizza Pockets & Puppy Love Gail has lost her job and with no place to live is moving in with her little sister. That is until her German Shepard, Murphy, starts sneezing blood. Her plan is derailed as she frantically searches for a vet to save him. Will her detour to save her beloved pup end up being just what Gail needs to save herself?

In A Flurry of Feeling Claire is stuck in a snowstorm. What is supposed to be a weekend away with the man she is dating turns into a nightmare when her car slams into a tree. Stranded with no reception she must rely on a stranger. But maybe this stranger is just what she didn’t know she needed.

In Teacher’s Crush Alice is forced to find a new place to live. That is until the man she’s had a crush on for years offers up his spare bedroom. Will staying with Reed be just the push he and Alice need to finally see what being a couple would be like?
The Lantern Lake Winter Collection is the first three stories in the Lantern Lake clean romance series.