A Wolf in Cop’s Clothing

An Alpha with a choice to make

Alpha Carter Tuckman has met his mate and the timing couldn’t be worse. Not only did he catch an odd case in his day job as a cop but the rebellion is coming for his pack. Their weapon of choice, a traitor. Carter is racing to solve this puzzle before the danger to his pack escalates. Now his mate has been thrown into his life by an unlikely source, and she needs Carter’s help. Only she knows nothing of the Night World and the secrets it holds.

Priya Sutton is being stalked and he is becoming increasingly dangerous. It seems more than a coincidence that this stalker appears after a blind date who was more interested than she was. Priya’s panic increases as the man from that date pops up in other places. She doesn’t know how to save herself, especially since her could be stalker is a cop.

Will Carter be able to convince Priya he can be trusted? Will Carter be able to save his pack from the threat looming over them all? Or is Alpha Tuckman about to lose everything?