Antique Absconding Arsonist

Fire, thieves, and magic oh my…

The semiannual supernatural auction is a great way to get rid of valuable items, fast. I’m grateful I can use this opportunity to get rid of not only the Geysers volume eight, but the weird vortex compact I still haven’t been able to open. My luck runs out when before the auction starts someone sets fire to the building. This isn’t some random teenage prank but in fact someone uses that fire as a cover to steal some of the more expensive antiques being sold at the auction. Luckily, he isn’t terribly good at this whole theft thing. By the time Blake and several other officers arrive, it becomes clear that our thief might not be the only one stealing artifacts from the auction. Because after he’s searched my luck strikes again when both the compact and my volume eight aren’t on his person and he has no idea how they went missing.

Will I finally be free of Geysers Journal or is it going to boomerang back yet again? Or is there something much more sinister slithering its way around the outskirts of my life?