Berman’s Origin

Being a Luna is never easy. As your family’s only healer, there is a lot of pressure. In an effort to delay taking her inevitable position after her mother’s death, Allie decides to train with the Luna of Chicago. With about a month until she defends her thesis Allie is mugged. Who comes to her rescue? Two Beta wolves living outside the family society. One of which Allie finds herself drawn to. Will it be a Beta wolf who can see the woman past the title and steals Allie’s heart?

Nicholas spent the last year doing lab work and helping with classes. A beautiful graduate student caught his eye. Allie seems as beautiful as she is smart. She is the total package and perfect for Nicholas. Only he cannot bring himself to make a move, it seems so unethical. But now she is graduating, and nothing stands in his way … including the giant of a man she has started seeing.