Berman’s Secret

Poison courses through Lyra’s veins and the only hope in sight comes from anonymous letters.

The suppressant cobbled together from incomplete notes is working less and less as time goes on. Lyra’s family and pack can do nothing but stand by and watch as she deteriorates. With nerves wearing thin, other problems become harder to bear.
Word has gotten out in the born werewolf community about the made wolves and the other families are not happy with the swelling numbers recently added to the family in western Washington. Now they have formed a tribunal to judge the threat these increased numbers can bring. This leaves the family scrambling to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, the made wolves are struggling with what little information they have about the current whereabouts of Dr. Berman. They know now he is nearby and experimenting on others, but they do not have all the information they need to move forward. But they are being stalked and anonymous letters were sent to each of them. These letters say someone out there knows not only who, but what they are and there may be nowhere left to hide.