Berman’s Wolves Complete Trilogy

One night left them forever changed… made werewolves by a wayward experiment. They thought it made them predators but instead it made them prey.

As Alpha of his pack Jack prides himself on always knowing what is happening with his people. That is until another Alpha clues him in on a secret his packmates kept from him. One of his pack, Lyra, is in danger. Now Jack and the others must scramble to unravel the web they are caught in before this unknown group can grab her for good.

The world isn’t what Jack thought it was. The investigation into those after his packmate has opened a door to a reality Jack would never have dreamed of. Will this new-found truth rip Jack and Lyra’s friendship apart? And where does he fit in this big new world?

Jack and his pack are not alone. While they struggle for their freedom others were taken, experimented on, and used. The past has come back to haunt them, and someone knows their secret. What are they willing to do to keep their secret and their freedom?