Building a Holiday Miracle

Family rivalries are a hard thing to escape.

Delilah Meyer comes home to lick her wounds after a bad breakup. And who is one of the first people she sees when she comes home? Kayden Andersen the only son of her mother’s biggest enemy. Maybe it’s because Kayden is such a nice guy. Or maybe it’s because of his off-limits status as an Andersen. Either way Delilah figures this guy might just be worth shaking thing up for.

Kayden Andersen shrugs off the idea that he’s just the token nice guy. He’s always loved helping people out. But when the youngest daughter of his mother’s biggest enemy proposes a scheme to either annoy their mothers beyond all reason or end their families rivalry for good Kayden can’t help his hesitation to get involved.

Will this fake relationship turn into something more? Will it be the thing that ends the Meyer/Andersen family rivalry for good? Or will Kayden and Delilah end up on the outs with everyone?