Christmas With the Andersens

One part meddling grandmother and four parts grandkids trying to dodge her matchmaking efforts. It’s a recipe for holiday romance.

In Pugs & Peppermint Sticks Jillian may have bit off more than she can chew when agreeing to build a gingerbread house for the holiday auction. It doesn’t help matters that she and Elliott, the auction coordinator, clash every time they are in the same place. Will Jillian and Elliott figure out how to get along by the silent auction? Or will pride and last-minute pressure prevent them from ever seeing eye to eye.

In Moving Home for the Holidays Jemma has just returned home and is looking for work. But the great opportunity her is offered has a catch. The owner’s son is, Kevin McAlister, the guy Jemma pined for all through high school and he seems to have his eyes set on her. Will Jemma’s embarrassment about her younger self make her miss this opportunity at happiness?

In Mayor May Not Jane isn’t a fan of Mayor Judson Wells and Judson isn’t sure what to make of Jane. But one stuck elevator forces them together and they might just need each other more than they think. Will Jane change her mind about the Mayor? Or will her grandmother’s meddling be a barrier?

In Building a Holiday Miracle family rivalries are a hard thing to escape. But Delilah Meyer thinks she can fix the one between the Antersens and the Meyers. She’ll just need a little help. Family always comes first Kayden Andersen. But he prides himself on helping people as much as he can. So when Delilah comes to him with a plan he has to decide if lying to his family is worth it. Will this fake relationship turn into something more? Or will Kayden and Delilah end up on the outs with everyone?

Christmas with the Andersens contains books 4-7 of the Lantern Lake Series

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