Hollownton Box Set 1

The supernatural world seems to be on a crash course for detective Anthony Hollownton and there is no way for him to avoid it.

In Hollownton Homicide several unusual murders push Tony into the supernatural world with no understanding of how it runs. He fights it every step of the way. But acknowledging the supernatural might the only way for him to solve the murders and clear his partner’s name.

Nothing is ever what it seems, even in the supernatural world. In Hollownton Outsiders Tony thought he was getting the hang of the creatures that make up the supernatural. Until a gruesome case falls into his lap. The supernatural that seemed so black-and-white is now nothing but gray and all Tony wants is for things to go back to normal.

Hollownton Legacy has Tony with a new partner, a rookie detective who’s still a little shaky. When bodies get thrown at their feet night after night Tony struggles to keep the supernatural from his new partner and juggle the truth versus the supernaturally acceptable lies.

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