Night World Books 1-3

War is coming to the Night World

In Lady of the Dead rumors of war presented to Gwen bring the king of the North American kingdom to Seattle to investigate, disguised as his second in command. But will his feelings for Gwen cloud his judgement and hinder his ability to quash this rebellion before it is too late?

In Viking Sensitivity the rebellion seems to be laying low. Which is fine by Viking, the youngest general to the king of the North American kingdom. That is until returning a favor crosses his path with a beautiful sensitive who is being hunted. Will Viking be able to save and woo her before time runs out?

In A Wolf in Cop’s Clothing Carter is the Alpha of the local werewolf pack first and a cop second. There is no room for anything else. With the Warrior’s rebellion threatening his pack there couldn’t be a worse time for him to meet his mate. But has Carter’s presence in her life triggered a stalker’s behavior to escalate?